can you see the stars over amsterdam
5ft something with the skinny jeans. sometimes i say dumb things. sometimes i blog them too. i may be just an awkward little nerd with an internet addiction, but at heart, i'm a starkid defending the galaxy, to infinity and beyond...
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i think its funny how there are some actors who played a role for so long that its almost impossible for me to see them as anything else


and then there are some actors who’ve done so many roles i dont even see them as actors anymore it’s just them as themselves in another movie


and then there are actors who you’re not quite sure what they really look like


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What the fuck even is Johnny depp

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i thought i detected sexual undertones in this video

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Would you rather I was a full sponge or an empty dry husk in a lake? —dan’s closing comment on his younow liveshow

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I’m just…lost in a sea of BAEs —dan trying to keep up with the younow chat

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Dawn Sivan, your plan to get married to Troye, may not work out. —dan

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klaine + say it with a song

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fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black

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in the name of the father


the son


and the holy spirit



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me writing essays

My entire thesis.

Every single academic book in existence. 

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So on my new job, two days a week I’ll be in the same office as my dad and we’ll be moving into a new office and they’ve been doing the seating plan for it today, my dad has just told me I am going to be sat opposite a girl called Holly.

Two Hollys in the same office. Cos that won’t be confusing at all.

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#remember when I used to like how unique and uncommon my name was
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